Summer Saison Tasting

I love saisons, so I almost always have one ready to drink. I wanted to finally use Bootleg Biology’s Saison Parfait yeast that I’ve had since I’ve heard really great things about it. They say it, “pairs classic pepper & spice saison phenolics with prominent juicy fruit esters that evoke citrus and lemon peel, and a touch of banana for complexity. Even more unique, it finishes with a balanced, full-bodied and silky mouthfeel despite its high attenuation. ” Now I can dig that. Phenols and esters for days.

So that brought me to make the Summer Saison. A simple saison recipe that sat on peaches for a week (an afterthought).

Summer Saison


Golden pale color. I can see my finger through it, only slightly hazy, not murky at all. Pure white head with small bubbles that dissipate fairly quickly, no lacing.


Dried lemon peel, soft orange, light pepper, light hay. Very delicate.


This beer is bright and very drinkable! A nice saison. The yeast isn’t super expressive, but the aromatics and flavors are delicate. Light bitterness, not too assertive, but nicely balanced. I think the peaches give it a weird flavor in the back end almost like it wants to be peach, but it’s just out of place. No discernible peach flavor.


lightly prickly carbonation, nice and spritzy. light with a little body, great for how dry it is.


Brewed: 7/10/18 | Bottled: 7/28/18 | Drank | 8/22/18

This is a meh saison for me, didn’t work well with the peaches (they were an afterthought). I’ll ferment this strain warmer next time.

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