Ginger Pale Ale Tasting

I’m a sucker for a good pale ale, when done really well they hit the spot for me. I wanted to brew something clean with a little refreshing zing so I landed on a ginger pale ale. So, I developed a simple recipe that would mesh well with the ginger while also being drinkable, light, and flavorful. Here are the results:

Ginger Pale AleAppearance

Golden copper color, nice clarity but not crystal clear. off white head, dissipates very slowly. light lacing


Light smooth caramel, clean and crisp. Ginger (was more present in previous bottles), slightly herbal.


Smooth, dry, drinks so cleanly and easily. very drinkable, tiny caramel touch, ginger in the back end. Assertive bitterness. Nothing lingers, finishes really clean.


Nice carbonation (not spritzy), with a light body.


Brewed: 7/22/2018 | Bottled: 7/30/2018 | Drank 8/23/2018

This beer hits the spot. The little bit of caramel melds really well with the ginger. Bitterness is on point, the ginger was more assertive in earlier bottles (i enjoyed those better).

Check out the recipe here.


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