Blue Saison w/ Dragonfruit

I was brewing a simple beer (my 3rd sour) to rack on a yeast cake from my first sour and had an extra gallon of wort. That gave me some room to experiment (muhaha).

Butterfly Pea FlowersSo I’d gotten some Organic Dried Butterfly Pea Flowers from Amazon a few months back and I wanted to give em’ a whirl. They’re from Southeast Asia and people make blue herbal tea with them. I went a bit extreme on this recipe with 1 oz, but damn. that color!

Most places I’ve seen describe it as “earthy.” Bon Appetit describes the taste as “earthy and woody—more similar to a fine green tea.” I like green tea and saisons are generally, earthy. More on that later.

The beer’s OG was 1.044 and I racked the 1 gallon of wort onto 1 oz of butterfly pea flowers into a 1 gallon carboy. I was pitching a slurry of WLP4021 into the sour so i saved some for this. 2 days into fermentation I added 2.76 oz of honey which took the OG  up to 1.052.Blue saison

8 days later, the beer had gone down to 1.006.

I then racked the beer onto 2 dragon fruit (white flesh). To prep the fruit I scooped out all the flesh, put it in the freezer bag, mashed it up (by squeezing), and froze it for a few days. Freezing fruit creates ice crystals which puncture or break down the cell walls, which allow maximum extraction of flavor & sugar (fruity goodness). Read more about it here.dragonfruit






6 days later the FG was down to 1.001 (quite dry), so I bottled. Tasting notes to follow.



Brewed: 8/10/18 | Honey: 8/12 | Fruited: 8/18 | Bottled: 8/24/18

OG: 1.052 | FG: 1.001 | ABV: 7%

*+1 ABV for fruit addition.

Tasting notes here.



Ginger Pale Ale Tasting

I’m a sucker for a good pale ale, when done really well they hit the spot for me. I wanted to brew something clean with a little refreshing zing so I landed on a ginger pale ale. So, I developed a simple recipe that would mesh well with the ginger while also being drinkable, light, and flavorful. Here are the results:

Ginger Pale AleAppearance

Golden copper color, nice clarity but not crystal clear. off white head, dissipates very slowly. light lacing


Light smooth caramel, clean and crisp. Ginger (was more present in previous bottles), slightly herbal.


Smooth, dry, drinks so cleanly and easily. very drinkable, tiny caramel touch, ginger in the back end. Assertive bitterness. Nothing lingers, finishes really clean.


Nice carbonation (not spritzy), with a light body.


Brewed: 7/22/2018 | Bottled: 7/30/2018 | Drank 8/23/2018

This beer hits the spot. The little bit of caramel melds really well with the ginger. Bitterness is on point, the ginger was more assertive in earlier bottles (i enjoyed those better).

Check out the recipe here.


Hockeytime Pale Ale Recipe

I’ve brewed a good amount of pale ales and they’ve come out really well (one of them got me a medal). This brings me to a new recipe I created for my hockey team (I play once a week in a league). I made a clean, drinkable pale ale in January and it was a hit, that was where I started. I got the idea for the victory malt addition while looking at AHA recipes.  It’s a biscuit style malt with, “toasty, biscuity, baking bread, nutty, clean” flavors, “with an aroma of baking bread” per Briess. Now i wish i used more!

Victory Malt Average Sensory Profile


Hockeytime Pale Ale

Batch Size Boil Time IBU SRM Est. OG Est. FG ABV
3 gal 60 min 64.95 IBUs 10.23 SRM 1.058 1.015 5.75 %


Name Amount %
Rahr Pale Ale Malt 5 lbs 72.7
Crystal 40L 12 oz 10.9
Red Wheat 8 oz 7.3
Briess Victory Malt 5 oz 4.5
Flaked Oats 5 oz 4.5


Name Amount Time Use Form Alpha %
Co2 Hop Extract 2 ml 60 min Boil Extract 20
Citra 1 oz 5 min Boil Pellet 13.8
Citra 1 oz 30 min Steep/Whirlpool Pellet 13.8
Vic Secret .5 oz 30 min Steep/Whirlpool pellet 15.5
Vic Secret .75 oz 4 days Dry Hop Pellet 15.5
hop extract
Co2 hop extract


Name Lab Attenuation Temperature
Dennys Favorite 50 Wyeast 74-76% 60°F – 70°F

dennys fav


Step Temperature Time
Dough In 139°F 10 min
Mash 152°F 50 min


Step Time Temperature
Primary TBD 65°F




Brewed 8/22/2018 | OG: 1.048 | Dry hop: 8/26/18

Water: Minneapolis tap water.

Chilled to 150 and held, steeped hops for 30 mins.

70% efficiency | Mash ph adjusted to 5.2 | whirfloc/yeast nutrient @15

Tasting notes here.

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