Blueberry Muffin IPA Tasting


Dark blue, indigo, wine-like color with a light pink head.


Jammy and fruity, bright fresh, deep blueberry, and light sweet malt. faint hops.


Medium mouthfeel that’s lightly creamy with nice, lightly prickly carbonation.


At first you’re hit with a fresh, deep blueberry flavor and it washes with lightly sweet malt and finishes with blueberry essence and light hoppiness. The blueberry is the star here, but some light, sweet malty flavors are present.


This beer is really tasty! It has a light malt backbone that really let the blueberries shine. The flavor is unmistakably fruity and juicy and it drinks quite clean. It could be more muffin-like, but the flavor is so pleasant and fruity you don’t miss it. If I were to brew it again and wanted more muffin, I’d up the victory and Munich malt and maybe even add another “bready” malt in there as well. Overall, a very good beer.

Check the recipe here.