Enigma Oat Coat Tasting



Golden/orange/light honey color, light haze.  Stiff white head that dissipates slowly.


Stone fruit, melon, pineapple, berry, light spice, sweet malt, oaty, crisp.


Medium mouthfeel, light body, but a little creamy, nice crispy carbonation.


Starts with light sweet malt and oat flavors, then washes with tropical, fruity, and lightly dank hop flavor. There’s a tiny hint of spice and it finishes with light clean bitterness that doesn’t linger. 


I’m really digging this beer, and I <3 enigma hops. It drinks really clean, like a pale ale, and it has great aroma and mouthfeel. This beer could work with other hops as well. The oats add a nice mouthfeel and flavor and It’s supremely drinkable. It cleared quite a bit in the keg, but the flavors were stable for the life of the keg.

Check the recipe here.

Enigma Oat Coat

I love enigma hops. Enigma hops are an Australian variety that are descendants of the Swiss Tettnang hop. Their descriptors are “pinot gris, raspberries, red currant, and light tropical fruit.” In the hop spectrum, they’re heavy on the fruit and they’re close to galaxy and vic secret, but lean more toward spice (see pic).

I had my first taste when I got my hands on a fresh can of Other Half‘s Enigma IPA. I loved how the hops were a little spicy, but also really fruity, tropical, and slightly dank. I was then on the search to get some of these hops. At that time, they weren’t easy to get, but I kept searching. I then got my hands on Other Half’s DDH All Enigma Everything and that really showcased the hops juiciness and fruitiness and I was even further hooked! Once I was finally able to get some Enigma hops I brewed an all Enigma IPA and it was bomb. Later I brewed Enigmanilla, with all enigma hops. Now on to the Enigma Oat Coat.

This beer has a simple base of Pale Ale malt and Fawcett Oat malt. I love brewing with oats, and now that I can regularly get oat malt, I’ve been using it quite a bit. I feel it gives the beer a distinct “oat” flavor and does wonders for head retention and body. Hopped exclusively with enigma hops, this has all the fruity, lightly spicy goodness. Check the recipe! 

Enigma Oat Coat

Batch Size Boil Time IBU SRM Est. OG Est. FG ABV
3 gal 60 min 40 IBUs 5.94 SRM 1.060 1.015 5.87 %


Fawcett Oat Malt
Name Amount %
American Pale malt 5 lbs 66.7
Fawcett Oat malt 2.5 lbs 33.3


Name Amount Time Use Form Alpha %
Enigma 2.5 g 60 min Boil pellet 17.8
Enigma .5 oz 5 min Boil pellet 17.8
Enigma .5 oz 0 min Flamemout pellet 17.8
Enigma .5 oz 20 min Whirlpool 150°F pellet 17.8
Enigma .5 oz 14 days Dry hop pellet 17.8
Enigma 1 oz 7 days Dry hop pellet 17.8
Enigma .5 oz N/A Keg hop pellet 17.8

enigma hops


Name Lab Attenuation Temperature
1318 London III slurry (3rd gen) Wyeast 71-75% 64°F-74°F


Step Temperature Time
Mash 150°F 60 min


Calcium Magnesium Sodium Chloride Sulfate
104 2 14 111 70


Step Time Temperature
Primary 18 days Ambient (~68)


Brewed: 12/4/18 | OG:1.052 | FG: 1.005 | ABV: 6.2%

Water: Minneapolis tap water| campden, 1 g gypsum, 2 g calc chloride to mash

70% efficiency | whirfloc/yeast nutrient @15

Got horrible efficiency due to crush, FG was abnormally low for this yeast, time for a new generation.

Tasting notes to follow.


Enigmanilla Tasting


Hazy light orange color with large white head that dissipates slowly.


Juicy enigma hops, tropical, light dankness, stone fruit, light pine, vanilla.


First met with fruity juicy hops, then subtle sweetness, as it washes the vanilla hits and finishes with a light dank bitterness, lingers a little with the vanilla.


Has nice medium to heavy body, substantial & mouthfeel is very nice. Carbonation is a little high.


The enigma hops pop and they’re crazy fragrant & juicy. The lactose adds a little sweetness that’s accentuated by the vanilla bean. This beer is really nice. Juicy, smooth, and slight sweetness. Was best fresh, started to turn after 3 weeks, but very few bottles were left.

Check the recipe here.