Blueberry Muffin IPA


In my early days of brewing I found a post on Homebrewtalk about a Blueberry Oatmeal IPA and I tweaked the recipe a bit and brewed it. Everything was going well until I added fresh blueberries to the secondary and that’s when I got my first infection! Ever since I’ve always used frozen fruit and haven’t had any issues.

I rarely brew the exact same beer twice, but I often make tweaks and brew a similar recipe which brought up the Blueberry Muffin Ale. For this beer I used a base of 2 row, a bunch of oats (malted and flaked), a little Munich malt for some clean maltiness, and added some victory malt for that biscuity, toasy, bready component. I added a dash of maltodextrine for mouthfeel and mosaic hops later in the boil for aroma. I then added 3 lbs of blueberries for 7 days in the secondary and opted out (forgot) the dry hop. It was nice to revisit the idea of this beer and add what I felt the recipe needed. Check it out!

Blueberry Muffin IPA

Batch Size Boil Time IBU SRM Est. OG Est. FG ABV
3 gal 60 min 42.87 IBUs 7.6 SRM 1.065 1.015 6.53 %



Name Amount %
Rahr 2 row malt 5 lbs 62.5
Fawcett Oat malt 1 lbs 12.5
Flaked Oats 1 lbs 12.5
Munich malt 10L .5 lbs 6.3
Victory .5 lbs 6.3
Maltodextrin (3% fermentable) 2 oz 1.7


Name Amount Time Use Form Alpha %
Enigma 4 g 60 min Boil pellet 17.8
Mosaic .5 oz 15min Boil pellet 13.1
Mosaic .5 oz 5 min Boil pellet 13.1


Name Lab Attenuation Temperature
English Ale Yeast S-04 Fermentis/Safale 74-76% ~68 (Ambient)


Step Temperature Time
Mash 153°F 60 min


Calcium Magnesium Sodium Chloride Sulfate
116 2 14 52 183


Step Time Temperature
Primary 14 days Ambient (~68)
Secondary 7 days Ambient (~68)

Blueberries in the secondary


Brewed: 12/17/18 | OG: 1.062 | FG: 1.008 | ABV: 7.74%

Water: Minneapolis tap water,  campden added, 3.3 g gypsum, .6 g calcium chloride to mash

70% efficiency| Mash ph: 5.3 (adjusted) | whirfloc/yeast nutrient @15 | +.65 abv for fruit |15 sec pure O2

Tasting notes to follow.