Enigma Oat Coat Tasting



Golden/orange/light honey color, light haze.Β  Stiff white head that dissipates slowly.


Stone fruit, melon, pineapple, berry, light spice, sweet malt, oaty, crisp.


Medium mouthfeel, light body, but a little creamy, nice crispy carbonation.


Starts with light sweet malt and oat flavors, then washes with tropical, fruity, and lightly dank hop flavor. There’s a tiny hint of spice and it finishes with light clean bitterness that doesn’t linger.Β 


I’m really digging this beer, and I <3 enigma hops. It drinks really clean, like a pale ale, and it has great aroma and mouthfeel. This beer could work with other hops as well. The oats add a nice mouthfeel and flavor and It’s supremely drinkable. It cleared quite a bit in the keg, but the flavors were stable for the life of the keg.

Check the recipe here.