Enigmanilla, a milkshake style IPA Recipe

I’ve been interested in brewing a milkshake style IPA for some time, so I decided to give it a shot! The milkshake IPA style usually has fruity hops, milk sugar (lactose), fruit, and vanilla. This beer has been described as a sub-set of hazy NEIPAs, but it oftentimes has more mouthfeel & the hops have to mesh well with the fruit and/or vanilla.

milkshake IPA labelIt appears that Omnipollo were the first to put out these kind of beers when they came out with a “smoothie IPA” in 2014. In 2015, Jean Broillet IV of Tired Hands teamed up with Omnipollo to release the first “milkshake IPA”, which has turned into a growing series, including: Rose Panna Cotta Milkshake IPA, Bananas Foster Double Milkshake IPA, Raspberry Green Tea Milkshake IPA, and many more.

Jean Broillet IV didn’t only want to use lactose but, “[gobs of] oats, apple puree, vanilla, and fruit.” Brewing with oats increases viscosity due to the high content of beta-glucans, while the apple puree is used for pectins to create a luscious, thick mouthfeel. The beer is then conditioned on fruit & vanilla beans to round out the flavor profile. These are culinary focused beers and I’ve seen versions without fruit, without vanilla, and even without lactose. They’re more popular now and since they’re in such high demand and are damn tasty, I don’t see them going anywhere soon.

vanilla bean
scraping split vanilla bean

For my iteration (milkshake style), I didn’t use any fruit or apple puree (next time). I fell in love with enigma hops last year when I had Other Half‘s All Enigma Everything and I’ve been hooked (kind of obsessed) since. I wanted to get all that enigma goodness, and I added a vanilla bean after primary fermentation to get some Nilla warmth that I think will pair well with the sweetness from the lactose, and the earthy fruitiness of enigma hops.

For my base I used 60% 2 row and went heavy with the oats at 40% (hell yea). 30% of those oats are Fawcett oat malt (which I’ve never used before). Oat malt is described as, “a unique malt that adds a distinct texture and smoothness to your brews similar to flaked oats.” I’d heard Tired Hands uses Fawcett oat malt in their beers so I was excited to give it a shot!


Batch Size Boil Time IBU SRM Est. OG Est. FG ABV
3 gal 60 min ~85(not really) IBUs 5.29 SRM 1.079 1.020 7.79 %



Name Amount %
American 2-row 6 lbs 60
Fawcett Oat Malt 3 lbs 30
Flaked Oats 1 lb 10


Name Amount Time Use Form Alpha %
Co2 hop extract 2.5ml 60 min Boil extract 61.6
Enigma 1oz 5 min Boil pellet ~16
Enigma 2.28oz 20 min Whirlpool (150) pellet ~16
Enigma 1.5oz 12 days Dry hop pellet ~16
Enigma 2oz 8 days Dry hop pellet ~16



Name Amount Time Use Form
Lactose 2 oz 15 min Boil Non-fermentable sugar
Vanilla Bean 1 each 8 days Secondary Spice


Name Lab Attenuation Temperature
A38 Juice Imperial Yeast 72-76% 64°F – 74°F

A38 Juice


Step Temperature Time
Mash 154°F 50 min


Step Time Temperature
Primary 8 days 65
Secondary (same vessel) 8 days Ambient (~70)


Brewed: 8/27/18 | OG: 1.074 | FG: 1.015 | Bottled: 9/12/18 | ABV: 7.74%

Minneapolis tap water(4.5 gal): 2g gypsum | 6.1g calcium chloride | campden | yeast nutrient/whirfloc @ 15

Added vanilla bean to primary (split, scraped, & soaked in vodka for 1 week)

8/30- bumped temp to 67.

Tasting notes to follow.